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Name:A Redheaded Catastrophe
Birthdate:Mar 17
Location:New Zealand
I am a mid-sized mammal with three bookshelves, chipped nail polish, and an ambient temperature of approximately 98.9 degrees. I was conceived in a teepee in the middle of the Modoc National Forest and dropped into this world in the Santa Barbara foothills, to the future despair of sensible people everywhere.

I am irreverent, ineloquent, willing to listen, gender-radical, and appear to be crafted largely of milky tea and a species of grim, determined optimism.

I also happily lurk in fannish places, occasionally surfacing from the endless seas of wordage to send passionate mash notes/reader reactions to fic. I'm a massive fandom slut and will seriously read anything good, but specifically seek out: due South, SGA, SG-1, Lex/Clark, Spike/Xander, Supernatural, Hard Core Logo, The Sentinel, historical slash, original homoerotic and/or gay fiction ('specially scifi, fantasy, and magical realism), and still, occasionally, my very first fandom love, Pirates of the Caribbean. Although I'm much more likely to read the POTC/Neal Stephenson crossover fic over at the Impverse, a tiny and eccentric fandom spilling over with fic of shockingly good quality. I'll happily, sneakily read Harry Potter and even bandslash if no one's looking.

I really, really like black licorice and anything black licorice flavoured.
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